Goals for Events


Provide Massachusetts residents the opportunity to directly experience ZEVs through test drives that are either stand alone events or included as part of broader expos and sustainability events.


Demonstrate the power of a systematic outreach campaign to reach diverse communities across the state.


Help evaluate the impact of well-structured test drive events in encouraging ZEV use by measuring changes in consumer perception and propensity to purchase/lease based on event experience.


Provide information including ZEV charging guides, vehivle comparison charts, case studies specific to ZEV use in the Commonwealth, and more.


Continue to understand consumer attitudes towards ZEVs.

Achieving ZEV Goals


Mobilizing Massachusetts ZEV Adoption and Fostering a Sustainable Market

Massachusetts has a long history of protecting and improving the state’s air quality as part of its comprehensive strategy to reduce the impacts of air pollution and climate change.

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, the state’s top environmental and energy office, took the lead in working to design the MASS DRIVE CLEAN campaign. The effort serves to complement the state’s zero emission vehicle (ZEV) deployment initiative aimed at having 300,000 ZEVs across the state by 2025. Massachusetts originally stated that goal as part of the 8-State ZEV MOU that was published in 2013. MASS DRIVE CLEAN campaign events are designed to introduce Bay Staters to the fun and benefits of driving a ZEV.


Why A Test Drive Campaign?

Introducing consumers to ZEVs through dynamic test drive experiences has proven to be the most effective mechanism for boosting consumer awareness and spurring adoption by individuals and fleet owners alike. Well-designed and produced events overcome consumer confusion about ZEVs, help educate them about the specific attributes of particular vehicles, and provide a launch point into adoption.

These events present a range of available ZEVs in one place, providing consumers an experience to drive or ride in vehicles that, in certain cases, would be virtually impossible to otherwise replicate. Additionally, MASS DRIVE CLEAN provides other clean air proponents, such as local agencies and supportive non-profits, the opportunity to enhance the campaign’s events with their own information materials.


Test Drive Events

Since the overwhelming majority of MASS DRIVE CLEAN participants are directly experiencing a ZEV for the first time, each event is oriented to providing important information rather than making high-pressure sales pitches. Events are designed to help consumers feel more comfortable with ZEVs, ask any questions, and prepare them to successfully navigate a later sales/lease transaction with a dealer if they choose to pursue a vehicle.

Events also include information about consumer rebate programs, infrastructure grant programs such as workplace charging and fleet grants, and, if possible, other clean energy options. Event  surveys – offered pre-test drive, post-test drive, and during a six-month follow-up window – provide important information to help orient policymakers the most effective methods for spurring ZEV adoption.

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